Danabol DS / Dianabol

Danabol DS  – Benefits and Side Effects

Danabol DS  or technically Methandrostenolone is a well-known steroid that has been widely used for decades by body-builders and athletes. Although the production of this steroid was stopped years ago by Ciba, the pharmaceutical company that originally produced it, Danabol continues to sell, produced by other companies.

Where to Buy Danabol DS and Is It Legal?


Danabol DS cannot be bought online. Although the generic name has remained and is found on all supplements that contain it, the steroid is available in other names. There are several sites where you can buy Methandrostenolone without any hassle. Though openly available, medically it is illegal to use the drug, just like any other steroid, but there are legal natural alternatives like D-BAL from Crazy Bulks that can be bought instead.

There are several sites where you can easily find Danabol DS for sale, but usually you will not receive your order because the suppliers are often SCAM companies. Even if they do send the package, it will not make it through the customs.

What is Danabol DS?

As already mentioned, Danabol DS is an oral steroid that assists in producing muscle mass and improves strength. It activates the androgen receptors to speed up the synthesis of protein and glycogenesis, a process created due to the buildup of lactic acid in the body. Lactic acid is also responsible for getting rid of dietary carbohydrates, keeping you from putting on fat.

To put it simply, Methandrostenolone helps retain nitrogen, required by cells to produce protein and muscles.  By enhancing nitrogen retention, D-BAL, a popular Danabol DS alternative, creates the crucial anabolic state which is necessary for huge muscle gains, with fast growth in size and strength. You experience super focus and drive and results can be seen within 30 days of use. So basically, Danabol DS pills are used for speedy muscle gains, boosted strength, and linking between cycles for continued gains. The pills help boost protein metabolism and high charge your strength and muscle growth.

Most body builders today rely more on steroid cycles rather than taking Danabol DS by itself, but there are others who still stick to this age old steroid.

Danabol DS

How To Use Danabol DS?

D-BAL, a legal alternative to the steroid Danabol DS , if taken in the right dosage can give you the results that it promises to provide. A bottle consists of 30 Danabol DS capsules. The Danabolpills are 10 mg each and you need to take 3 Danabol 10 mg capsules per day. Beginners can start with 20 mg or 2 pills for 4 to 6 weeks and then move on to the following levels. You must take the pills approximately 45 minutes after a workout. For the best Dianabol results, you have to take the prescribed dosage for at least 2 months without fail.

A proper diet and exercise regimen is also essential for desired results. The recommended workout cycle is two months on and four months or 15 weeks off. The period of time that you are using a steroid is referred to as  Dianabol cycle, and is termed as the ‘on’ cycle. At the time that you are not using it, is called the ‘off’ cycle.

You can achieve bigger, better and faster muscle gain when you take your regular Danabol DS dosage in combination with other enhancement drugs. Combining and using different performance booster anabolic steroids during the ‘on’ cycle, is defined as a Danabol stack.

An example of an efficient bulking stack is when you combine DecaDuro (Deca Durabolin), Trenorol (Trenbolone) and Testo-Max (Sustanon) with Danabol. This should normally be a 4-week stack, which is the recommended cycle. You must always use one stack at a time. Technically, you should allow up to 4 weeks for results to show, but some users have reported successful muscle gain with just 2 weeks of use. It is advisable to opt for an 8 week stack cycle if you wish to bulk up correctly. Another drug that works well with Danabol is Anadrole (Anadrol).

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All the drugs in the D-BAL stack are in pill form and are taken orally, which means that you do not have to inject any of them, saving you the agony of needle pricks. If you have the right stack and are following the Danabol DS (Dianbaol) cycle as prescribed, you can avoid severe problems like gynecomastia (male breasts), baldness and oily skin.

Danabol Cycle For First Time Users

Beginners may get overwhelmed by the number of muscle gain supplements that are available on the market. Also, as a new comer, one cannot know which product is good and what could cause harmful side effects. Since the Internet as well as offline stores are flooded with a wide variety of products, it certainly makes it impossible to make the correct choices.

Apart from this, beginners are always in a hurry to bulk up as fast as they can and any product that claims to do so, becomes their ultimate choice. They fail to see beyond this and end up causing more bodily harm than build up muscles.

Firstly, one must know the difference between steroids and natural alternatives to it. While steroids can be harmful and have dire side effects, Danabol DS alternatives are natural and completely safe to use. D-BAL from Crazy Bulk is an example of a natural Danabol DS supplement.

Beginners should safely start with a Danabol dosage of 20 mg a day, which means two Danabol pills per day. They can gradually move on to 30 mg or 3 pills per day that a normal bodybuilder would take as a starting dose in the first week. Do not try to rush things as your body must get used to the supplement before you decide to increase your dosage. Remember, you cannot grow muscles overnight! Although the human body has the ability to self-recover, it is wise to avoid drug abuse.

You can choose to stick to a Danabol DS only cycle or follow a stacked cycle. Most beginners wish to start only with Danabol as they want to avoid taking in too many compounds. As newbies they are afraid to begin straightaway with a Danabol stack, in case they go wrong somewhere. New comers must also remember that a right diet and exercise regimen is a must during and after the Danabol DS cycle.  

The cycle lasts between 4 to 6 weeks and must be kept regulated at that. For better and faster results, you should opt for a Danabol stack cycle. It is also a more effective solution to gaining quick muscle mass than just using Danabol DS by itself.

For example: Danabol D-BAL + DecaDuro (Deca Durabolin) Cycle.

This Danabol DS cycle is ideal for those who wish to build muscles slowly and steadily instead of in a hurry. D-BAL gradually increases to peak level and as soon as the user stops taking it, Deca Durabolin starts to take effect. So the built muscle mass does not begin to recede and instead holds the growth during the ‘off’ cycle.

This cycle assists in maintaining a good testosterone level and requires you to take –

  •         Danabol DS /25 mg per day for the first 4 weeks
  •         Deca Durabolin 200 mg weekly and Test E 400 mg weekly for the first 12 weeks

There are various other Danabol DS  stack combinations that can be used, depending on your body requirement. For those already using anabolic steroid supplements, there is a number of stacking options for Danabol  available to them. It must be kept in mind that no two people have the same body structure, whereby results may vary from person to person. While some users could begin to show results early, muscle mass may take longer to build for others.

For beginners Crazy Bulk D-BAL Danabol cycle is the best way to start building a well-sculpted and strong body. Adequate rest, regular exercise and healthy nutrition are key features during on as well as off cycles. You must not in any way supplement your diet with Danabol DS pills, as these are only supportive supplements and do not replace the strength and nutrition provided by your diet.

Hence experts advice exercising on alternate days, with the in-between rest days kept for healing and growth of muscles. You should include more protein source to your diet and also consume a good amount of water. Including Omega 3 to your diet helps stabilize blood pressure, defends the liver and keeps your heart healthy.

Danabol DS

Benefits of Danabol DS

There are numerous steroid options available, but Methandrostenolone remains to be the favorite due to its various benefits. The steroid helps in gaining lean muscle mass and increases stamina and enhances physical strength and endurance. It also improves metabolism rate, increases blood flow through the bloodstream, and enhances mental focus and the feeling of confidence and self-worth. Apart from this, muscles develop faster as muscle protein buildup is activated.

To sum up some of the crucial Danabol benefits:

  • Enhances Lean Muscle Mass – Danabol DS facilitates quick and effective growth of lean and bulked up muscles in the body. The use of the drug helps bodybuilders to achieve highly fit and sculpted bodies, allowing them to gain self-esteem and self-worthiness.
  • Helps Retain Safe Nitrogen – Danabol DS allows a balanced release of nitrogen, creating a favorable state for improved muscular growth, assisting in fast recovery after rigorous workouts, and enhancing the bodybuilder’s desire for a boosted exercise regime.
  • Enriched Vitality And Stamina – D-BAL Danabol pills have the ability to boost the level of energy output while at the same time improving vitality and body stamina for body building and exercise regimens.
  • Assists In The Flow Of Blood – Users of Danabol DS have reportedly experienced a smooth flow of blood through their arteries and veins during their workouts. This helped in the sufficient supply of required nutrients, providing the bodybuilders with vitalized organs, body tissues, muscles and tendons.
  • Boosts Determination And Mental Focus – Those who have used and use the D-BAL Danabol bodybuilding supplement regularly have distinctly seen an improvement in their mental focus and determination. They have experienced a sharper mental focus and motivation to achieve a sleek muscular body with greater perseverance.  With boosted self-esteem, one resolves to achieve larger heights in life.

With all these benefits, Danabol DS is unquestionably one of the best bodybuilding supplements that one can buy. It is no wonder that it is such a highly sought after legal muscle builder and body toner.

However, having said this, like all things good that must come to an end, Danabol DS too has its negative impacts. Over dosage and extended use can result in severe side effects.

Danabol DS Side Effects

While not every one of those who takes Danabol DS could be affected, there have been incidents of grave dianabol side effects found from its continued use. Since steroids reduce the natural production of testosterone, in the long run, problems are bound to take place.

The most common side effects that have been noticed are water retention and bloating, Gynecomastia (increase in female hormone estrogen and drop in male hormone, testosterone) or male breast enlargement, high blood pressure, raised LDL Cholesterol and decreased HDL Cholesterol levels. If you have hypertension or high cholesterol, you should simply avoid taking Danabol DS .

Danabol DS

Excessive water retention can cause muscle sore and exhaustion during workouts. Retained water gets stored around the muscles and in joints, resulting in uneasiness during exercising. Gynecomastia can be reversed only through medical surgery, as it is a permanent disorder caused due to the intake of the Danabol DS steroid.

Use of the steroid is also known to cause extreme aggressiveness in users. Acne and quick facial hair growth due to oily skin conditions resulting from the use of Danabol have also been noticed. Liver and kidney damage are other grave side effects of using the steroid.

Considering the possible side effects, it is advisable to use an exogenous testosterone along with Methandrostenolone. This can substitute for the low production of testosterone in the body. You can also try a natural supplement like Crazy Bulks D-BAL, which is considered a milder and better alternative to Danabol DS. These are legal Dianabol 10 mg pills that can be used without any resulting side effects.

D-BAL is safe to use and does not require Post Cycle Therapy either. It functions exactly like Methandrostenolone without leaving behind the after effects. Although D-BAL works fine by itself, if used along with other supplements (Bulking Stack as discussed in earlier paragraphs) like Testosterone Max, TBAL75 and Decaduro, all from Crazy Bulks, the steroid alternative can work wonders for your body building. D-BAL Danabol DS does not increase blood pressure, nor is it toxic to the liver or kidneys.

Using Danabol DS and Avoiding Unwanted Side Effects

After having read the Danabol review and learning about its side effects, if you are still interested in using it than use Crazy Bulks D-BAL. Follow a few simple steps and work your way to having a perfectly sculpted body with no side effects to worry about. Stacking is an effective way to reduce the impact of Danabol DS on your body. By using it with other base steroids, you can keep the dosage of Methandrostenolone at an acceptable level. Since large doses of Danabol can cause estrogenic side effects as a result of enzyme aromatase interaction, stacking is the ideal thing to do.

The reason for using a Danabol DS stack is that once you have come off D-BAL, all the muscle gain that you achieved during the bulking cycle will begin to diminish. In order to maintain the muscle mass and prevent strength and muscle loss, it is important to use other anabolic steroids like testosterone emanthate. This is highly effective in preventing weight loss during your ‘off’ cycle.

The best way to stack D-BAL Danabol is to do it with selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMS). These are compounds that act on the estrogen receptor. Tamoxifen is the most commonly used SERM that prevents the estrogen from combining with the receptors. You can use this along with an aromatase inhibitor such as Letrozole, Proviron or Arimidex, which counteract the production of estrogen and bind the rest in the body.

SERM and aromatase inhibitors can both be used in post cycle therapy to accelerate the recovery process and ensure that your body receives enough testosterone for its proper functioning.

The most important factor to keep in mind when taking Danabol , is to take it in moderation and according to the acceptable Danabol DSdosage. You can take the steroid in 3 to 4 dosages per day of not more than 20 mg each. This should not be exceeded. If you miss a dosage, do not take it along with the next dose. Instead skip it and take just the one dose for that time.


Precaution is the best way to prevent medical complications from the use of steroids. If you follow the instructions wisely and take the recommended dose of Methandrostenolone, you are likely to keep its side effects at bay. If you are unsure that you will remember the proper instructions, you can try a safer option. Get Crazy Bulk’s D-BAL Danabol, which is completely safe to use and does not come with any medical restrictions. It works in the same manner as Danabol DS and hence is a far suitable supplement.

When used in combination with other supplements, you will not only get better results but added benefits too. More stamina, better strength, improved physical conditioning, recovery, calorie burning and enhanced cutting and bulking cycles are some of the benefits of this Methandrostenolone alternative. Danabol DS is the easiest and safest supplement to use. As a matter of fact, D-BAL has been tested and certified as safe to use and can be purchased online with ease.

Danabol DS

How To Legally Buy Danabol D-BAL?

Danabol DS can be bought legally only if it is prescribed by a doctor. However, there are several online retailers that might make the drug available to you. You must remember though, the steroid is considered illegal due to its side effects on men. Women should most certainly refrain from using the drug as it is too potent for them. Men should use Danabol pills from Crazy Bulk called D-BAL. Crazy Bulk offers body building pills for women as well, which can be checked on their site. 

You can buy D-BAL from Crazy Bulk without any prescription as it is a legal alternative to the steroid Danabol DS which is known to cause side effects. It should be noted that D-BAL is not a steroid like Danabol DS, but a natural alternative to it. So it is 100% legal to buy and safe to use.


What Did You Learn From This Danabol Review?

Danabol is the best mass building and strengthening steroid and if used wisely according to the Danabol DS cycle, it will be effective without any side effects. You can get more insights about the outcome reading our dianabol before and after article. If you are looking for Danabol  for sale, then head straight to the Crazy Bulk website. You can buy D-BAL or a complete stack depending on your body requirement. Choose from Cutting Stack, Bulking Stack or Ultimate Stack as per your body structure and need, or simply go for D-BAL by itself.

This Danabol review should have highlighted all the features of D-BAL and its effectiveness to help you form a better decision of what to buy when you plan to start on a body building program. It has made it easier for you to decide which is a better option for you, the steroid Danabol DS or its natural alternative Crazy Bulk D-BAL? The latter is most certainly a feasible supplement as it minimizes health risks and prevents side effects. D-BAL is perfect for both beginners as well as seasoned bodybuilders who have already tried various other supplements before.

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