Dianabol Benefits, Results and Side Effects in 2017

What is Dianabol ?

Dianabol anabolic steroid has gained wide spread usage and popularity globally.  This compound could also be referred to as DBol, Danabol, Methandrostenolone or Blue Hearts.



The drug was first invented by Dr. John Ziegler, in his bid to boost the performance of the U.S Olympic Team who had suffered grand defeat against their U.S.S.R counterparts.

Dianabol Results

A short period following its launch, the drug gained acceptance among bodybuilders, as it was a high energy and muscle booster.

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Danabol DS Benefits


Dianabol Review

Dianabol Side EffectsDianabol is a product of Methandrostenolone.

Dianabol, popularly referred to as Dbol, is an anabolic steroid which also contains androgenic compounds. These two major components trigger an increase in strength and muscle size.

The compound activates androgen receptors, creating desired effects. Dianabol significantly increases protein and glycogenolysis synthesis faster than the other anabolic steroids found in the market. Although Methandrostenolone is available in the form of an injection, the 17 Alpha-Alkylated steroids, Dianabol , can be administered orally.

The change into a 17-aa difference shows that at the 17th Carbon point, Methandrostenolone was altered to enable oral ingestion, for easy passage through the liver into the bloodstream. Without this change in form, the effect of the chemical may likely be neutralized before it reaches the bloodstream. Hence, the change in form is necessary for the effectiveness of the hormone in the body.

Also, just like with most 17-aa steroids, Dianabol is toxic to the liver. While this seems to be a major downside of the drug, usage according to medical prescription would avert this adverse effect: Liver Protectants would also come handy.

Danabol DS Benefits Results


Dianabol Benefits and Results

The initial intention for the invention of Dianabol was solely for an increase in athletic performance. As time went, its medical benefits became known. It was discovered that the steroid was an adequate remedy for building up body muscles.

Dianabol Benefits

With this newly found benefit, its usage increased among bodybuilder. The drug helps users to complement their carbohydrate intake, resulting in the muscle bulking.

Dianabol offer users natural nutrients that are easily converted into energy. The steroid also facilitates the body’s retention of nitrogen, which is effective for muscule growth and energy. This effect on nitrogen can be as a result of different steroidal hormones. Dianabol , however, help users to store up more nitrogen level in their muscles, compared to other anabolic steroids in the market.

Dianabol offer users up to between 20 to 30 pounds of weight gain. While weight gain might be one of its primary benefits, the drug offers much more.

Dianabol Benefits

Some bodybuilder take Dianabol before an event or a contest. They seek to enhance their strength and diet at the same time. This helps them to preserve lean muscle tissues effectively and at the same time, preventing calories.


Dianabol Likely Side Effects And Health Risks

Among the side effects of Dianabol is damage of the liver caused by its toxicity.steroids

The drug also causes increased blood pressure. Users suffering from high blood pressure are therefore advised to abstain from the use of this medication pending when their condition has improved.

During consumption of Dianabol, Letrozole, Arimidex and other Aromatase inhibitors should be used to fight gynecomastia and other estrogen related side effects. This steroid hinders the production of testosterone.

Dianabol vs. Anadrol

Dianabol DSBoth Dianabol and the Anadrol steroids have been used and proven to aid growth of body mass and energy of user.

Although it is often assumed that Anadrol is more efficient; this may not be entirely true. This mistaken belief is because users of Anadrol consume more of the drug than their Dianabol counterpart.

When the same measure of both drugs is taken, Dianabol proves to be more effective. Anadrol cycle usually contains over 100mg, while Dianabol cycle contains as low as 30mg.

Although both steroids produce excellent results, in totality, the Dianabol is more efficient than the Anadrol.


Dianabol Prescribed Dosage

The Dianabol produces significant effect when administered on a bulking cycle. It creates the fastest effect compared to all steroids on the market.

Because of its quick effect, a lot of people consider it as a good start for their bulking cycle.

Dianabol Benefits Results Side Effects

Dianabol is usually used to offer users a good start at the beginning of their cycle. The drug becomes even more effective as the cycle proceeds, and they need to overcome a plateau.

Some seasoned bodybuilders utilize it at the start of their cycle for a good start and also through getting over a terrible plateau.

In respect to prescribed dosage for Dianabol , a general rule recommends 20mg as the least dosage for obvious result, while 100mg while users should not consume above 100mg.

While it is entirely safe to consume 100mg, a lot of users would be OK with just 50mg, as long as they are consuming the right thing, as there are several fake Dianabol on the market.

If this is your first time of taking this drug, it is recommended that you consumed nothing above 30mg and that will be good enough to supply your body the desired boost.

This will also help to handle any issues or side effects that may arise while using this drug.

Similar to all other anabolic steroids on the market, it is highly recommended that you begin with a low dose to help you regulate your body’s reaction to the drug.

Now, it is assumed you have relevant details about Dianabol – both benefits and side effects – you must be very careful when purchasing it.

Dianabol is sold and can be bought on reputable online drugstores. However, ensure you seek expert medical opinion on the suitability of the drug on your health. You want to ensure your health is not at risk while consuming the drug.

Danabol DS Results


Why Choose Dianabol?

Regarding bulking effect, Dianabol is often compared with popular steroids like Anadrol, Anavar, and Winstrol. However, when the same amount of the drugs are consumed, Dianabol produces a better result for building lean muscles and at a relatively low price.

Of all steroids available on the market, Dbol has proven to be the most efficient, easy access, most affordable and with wide spread acceptance.

Dianabol are sold for as low as $50-60 for between 50 t0 100 tablets of 10mg per tablet. This is relatively cheaper than Winstrol and Anavar.

Caution needs to be taken on the use of Dianabol, just as in other steroids.

Dianabol should be used as recommended by a health specialist. Also, users should endeavor to carry out regular tests before taking the drug; this will help to curb the potential side effects and help to avert likely long term consequences related to the use of the drug

Dianabol , being one of the foremost steroids invented has been helping both athletes and non-athletes for decades. Substantial clinical information is available to enlighten people on the benefits and downsides of the steroid

Danabol DS Results


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This product is very helpful to me.

I had a very lean body, crazy bulk help me increase my muscle gain and lose 10% fat

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This product really helps me building of muscles and get change.

I normally lift up 22 kg for dumbel press after using Danabol DS now I can lift up 30 kg dumbel and also I can train around 2 hours.

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