Dianabol Results – Before and After Pictures from 1969 to 2018

One of the most effective steroids body builders can take to gain muscle mass and weight is Dianabol.  You will never know how much muscle mass and energy you’ll get if you’ve never tried out Dianabol, but you can get an idea by checking the Dianabol results below and the before and after pictures of some Dianabol users.


Of all steroids, Dianabol is the most effective when it comes to quick muscle gain; except Anadrol.

For starters who wishes to add up muscles, it is recommended that they take Dianabol (tablets) or testosterone in their first cycle. This is because both Dianabol and Testosterone do not have any adverse effect on your body, while other substances like Trenbolone and Anadrol do.

Typical Dianabol Results

When it comes to gains, the weight derived from Dianabol basically consists of muscle and water. The water you gain is nothing serious, no worries; you won’t get overweight; unless you take too much or ignorantly take long cycles.

Water retention is mostly seen as something negative because it causes bloating and leads to smooth muscles. Nonetheless, when you maintain the prescribed doses, water retention caused by Dianabol is normally inside the muscles (intra-cellular). This would result to added weight and increased energy

Everyone is different in terms of gains. Notwithstanding, a rough guide is shown below:

  • 4 weeks dbol cycle = 20Ibs
  • 8 weeks dbol cycle = 35Ibs

After your cycle, you may lose between 5-10 lbs of water. The rate of muscle you keep is primarily based on your PCT protocol. However, if DBAL (Dianabol alternative) is used, a PCT may not be relevant.

You’ll gain approximately 30 Ibs of lean mass during the first cycle of Dianabol, which remains even after the end of your cycle.

Perhaps, you should have known by now, the amount of muscle you will gain from a Dianabol cycle.

But when you look into the mirror how much bigger will you look? Check out renowned Dianabol users like Arnold Schwarzenegger; that may give you a clearer picture of your expectation after different cycles of Dianabol.


Dianabol Results Before and After Photos

In both pictures, Arnold’s body fat percentage is almost the same, making the quantity of lean mass gained accurate.

Over the years, regular consumption of steroid by Arnold has paid off as he has gained a good 50-60Ibs of lean muscle.

Note: It was thought that Arnold took Deca Durabolin and Primobolan during his transformation.

Though, Arnold also looks muscular in the after photo, he already had that body size even before the consumption of steroids.

So except you are as muscular as Arnold in the pre photo NATURALLY (before you ever touched Dianabol), don’t expect to be as muscular as he is in the after picture just from the consumption of steroids.

Dianabol Before And After Results

Not until you’ve had a solid foundation before you begin the consumption of steroids, don’t expect to look like Arnold just from taking a few cycles. When it comes to building good body mass, Dianabol or steroids are only supplements to assist you in the process. Genetics, hard work, and regular exercises are also important factors to be considered in determining a good body composition; even before consumption of drugs come into play.

How to Maximize Dianabol Results

The most efficient way to get the best results of your Dianabol cycles is to take it alongside other bulking steroids. As mentioned previously, It was believed that Arnold consumed Deca Durabolin to enable him gain more size and thickness.

There are other bulking compounds one can consume alongside Dianabol, they include:

  • Testosterone
  • Trenbolone
  • Anadrol

The most effective form of Testosterone is Testosterone Sustanon, and it is a standard compound for most steroid users due to its effectiveness when it comes to body mass gain.


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 3 reviews
by Daniel on Dianabol Results
It works !

i took it and it worked i had no side affect just noticed that i was a little more aggressive and got madder faster

by Peter on Dianabol Results
Energy & Vitality!

Well I used to take it a longtime ago. It did everything they said it would. I enjoyed the energy and vitality. Ok, the thing is I have some kidney issues now, high blood pressure

by Mike on Dianabol Results
Amazing product !

Amazing product. Increased my bench press from 60kg to 75kg in a month cycle. Also lost 3% in body fat and gained a ton of muscle.

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